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With a view to improving efficiency, the Warehouse Management Sector has carried out the centralisation and modernisation of warehouse management across NIS j.s.c. since 2013. Central warehouses were established at 6 locations - two in Zrenjanin and one in Elemir, Novi Sad, Pančevo and Belgrade – Čukarica each. These storage facilities cover the area of 120,000 m² and handling operations are carried out with 12 forklift trucks with a load capacity of 2-16 tonnes.

NIS j.s.c. follows the market and lays great emphasis on the improvement and development of logistics systems and thus has launched storage logistics service for third parties.

The Warehouse Management Sector provides the services of receipt and dispatch of material and technical resources and equipment, goods handling (loading/unloading), posting to SAP, inventory tracking and periodical and annual inventory count, all this at the facilities in Belgrade, Novi Sad (standard and free zone) and Elemir.

NIS j.s.c., Warehouse Operations Sector provides storage services to third parties, with 24/7 security and access control. 


  • Storage and handling for
    • customs and commercial,
    • standard and oversized,
    • palletized and non-palletized goods
    • Records keeping services for the inventory and movement of goods (posting in IS SAP and issuance of relevant documents) 
  • Reporting  
Storage location Type of storage Storage space surface area (m²)
Belgrade, Čukarica, address Radnička Str. No. 3 indoor 850

Indoor storage space (two entrances). Floor pallet storage, suitable for the storage of goods on pallets, shelves and on the floor. Surface area 100 m²

Warehouses are located on semi-basement level, they are equipped with heating and shelves for goods, with a small part used as a pallet warehouse. 

Surface area 210 m²
Surface area 340 m²

Warehouse is at the floor level, it is equipped with heating, shelves and possibility of floor storage. 

Surface area of 200 m²

Elemir, ulica Proleterska bb indoor 720

Indoor storage space
Floor – pallet storage
Surface area of 720 m²

Elemir, ulica Proleterska bb outdoor 920

Outdoor storage space

Plateau with surface area of 920 m²

Elemir, ulica Proleterska bb customs 580

Customs warehouse
Indoor storage space
Metal hangar
Floor – pallet storage

Surface area of 140 m²

Customs warehouse
Outdoor storage space with canopy (roof-only structure)

Surface area of 440 m²

Novi Sad (free zone), ulica Put Šajkaškog odreda 4 indoor 820
Zatvoreni skladišni prostor (dva ulaza).
Podno paletno skladište, pogodno za skladištenje robe na paletama, policama i na podu.

Površina 1.220 m².

Novi Sad (free zone), ulica Put Šajkaškog odreda 4 outdoor 2.200
Otvoren skladišni prostor. 
Plato površine 2.200m²

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